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Lunch Time Ceramics AU LAIT Mug - PORCELAIN

We are thrilled to share this collaboration with Lunch Time Ceramics.

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Having discussed at length the au lait shape, a favorite of Brendan's, LC took our idea and envisioned it perfectly in both a stoneware and porcelain form. Rebecca loved the luminous quality of their glossy celedon glaze, and also the matte, layered and painterly feel of their stoneware finish, so we tried both, and all are stunning and wonderful to hold, whichever finish you prefer. Holds 12 oz.

As with all of our ceramics, we have these in limited supply, and each is a unique piece in color, form, and finish.

ABOUT Lunch Time Ceramics:

Lunch Time Ceramics are handmade by husband and wife pottery duo Sammy Chou and Christian Lewis, at their home studio in Costa Mesa, California. They make wheel thrown and hand built pieces with a specific interest in functional ceramics that can be incorporated into daily life. 

All Lunch Time Ceramics pieces are made from stoneware clays, and fired in their glazes mixed by hand.

IG @lunchtime_ceramics

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